Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bala's Farewell Party

Common symptoms when you have returned from a party include memory loss, too much voices, heaven and hell, future & past,....
:) You hear that your friends are talking (you don't get a word), you can smell the smoke in the air, you are back.
Thanks to the host Bala (new entrant MDI Gurgaon) ... I am writing this post with one eye open...I have to keep one permanent closed to give my mind a false feeling that I've slept!!!

Thanks to Amit, Prashant, Pawan, Tandon, Gupta... The S7 ... Elevate Lounge wont forget us too!!

P.S. Sugar should be dissolved in Mojito!


Balakaushal said...

i will also not forget this party

Gaurav said...

Thanks for the treat!!
Next Friday, its Up and Above!!