Saturday, May 15, 2010

Idiot Box

Years ago we used to hear the term Idiot Box for TV, things have only got worse since then.
Personally, I try to spent least time in front of TV as its a sheer waste of time, whatever I watch.
Basically we have following channels floating around:
1) News - Statistically, this has never helped anyone except news makers. I'll come back to it in later part of this post
2) Movies - You can choose to watch it or any other at your own pace with better quality - rent a DVD
3) Music - There is NO authentic music channel left. Listen to Radio. Get CDs of your fave artist.
4) Entertainment Channels - There are already bigger issues in your own home/office. Write a story and contact the serial director you like to get it aired. Just learn some basic exaggeration.
5) Discovery etc - Go out camping/hiking/boating/kayaking and shoot. You'll love it more.
6) Sports - Do you play regularly?

Few weeks back I was in a presentation skills training and there we were asked to form teams and come-up with a topic. The best topic I could think of considering small time slot and team mates belonging from different technology was the status of News Channels. Past, Present and Ideal.
It went well, thanks to the present status of media.
Even today, there was a headline ..sorry.. 'Breaking News' of India TV .. 'Guru ya Guru Ghantal' about Gary Kirsten. This is sick, showing more than an year old pics of someone and equating it to cheating in present. Its all about selling and making it spicy to keep the businesses running.
But sometimes the Breaking News do give a good laugh that none of the comedy serials can provide. Eg. Billo Rani Chaaje pe chadi or Aliens ko pasand Himesh ka music.
No wonder why Himesh is reluctant to create music for human race now... Thanks to Aliens..

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