Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's so fuss about God

There was a dialogue in Sholay ' Yaha se xx kms duur .... beta soja warna xxx aa jayega'
Xxx is still used as an imaginary term, and children fall asleep fearing about something that never exist. Like Fear of the Dark, imagining things which dont exist.
None of the religious preachers were ever able to prove God exists as an individual entity, and people take the absence of proof as a proof to validate their imaginations.
Why something happened 2 thousand years ago cant happen now? People who bring effective Karma into picture, for them there were more killings back then. The world's growing population is a proof.
Actually we humans (and I am no exception) are too weak to believe in ourselves all the time thats why we need someone to count on in times of troubles. Someone who will always listen to our prayers and approve our wishes.
I generally pray only on Tuesdays, start with Hanuman Chalisa, give a big Thank to the God for whatever I have, I Thank him for giving me such a great family, I Thank him for giving me nice friends and other things in life. Then I end it by asking for blessings for us all.
I feel like Hanumanji is watching me, guiding me in every step. And similarly anyone born in any other religion would feel about his/her God. Its Personal, take it or leave it.

My God doesnt take offence if anyone draws a picture, or even try to obey or disobey him. Neither him nor I have time for the same.
Remember the Birthday Post, the idea should be being true to your own true beliefs. Thats why we are given a conscience and a free will, to decide what our value system should be.

Thats the best way to please God, making the best use of the conscience given to you and not just relying on texts for factuality. May be its otherwise in Hell!!


abhishek said...

quite spiritual! being an eclectic blogger. nice.

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