Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Sunday Gone

Another weekend gone where I have just stepped out of my flat just once. Yes, in whole weekend. Watched few movies, thanks to Tandon and Pawan we have less time left to cover 2 TBs info, wanting to be shared.
After long I listened to Cliff Richard and its still refreshing. He is the most underrated musician of his time, but we cant blame no one when he was playing in the era of Elvis and MJ!
Was also reading a body language book by Kevin Hogan, and felt extra sorry for my dark eyes and all other dark eye people around as people cant notice the dark eye dilation in a rush. So I guess we all have been making some extra efforts since our childhood in terms of persuasion and reciprocation.

This post comes after a long break, it is totally justified as I got engaged on Sep 12th. Will try to catch up soon...