Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seva Sahyog

Yesterday I had a chance to be a part of Seva Sahyog Samiti which works for the well being of underprivileged ones. The inspiration for me was that I got a great environment at home to do what I can do, but not everyone gets it. So atleast, I can do my little part to bring a piece of joy in someone's life.
When I reached there I saw more than 50 like minded individuals working for the same cause.
They are distributing more than 18000 school kits to the children who cant afford it. And the volunteers are free to choose their work. It was a great lesson on supply chain management as well. Assembling the kits, checking for defectives, taking the count, putting the complete kits in warehouse, supplying the materials to assemblers, it was a small portable manufacturing unit created for the welfare of children.
They were also giving kits to other NGO's which were verified for veracity before.
I feel its a good cause to be with and contribute for. I have few plans in my mind and I'll share when I succeed in putting them to reality.

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