Saturday, May 15, 2010

India - 10 years after - Part 1

I want to see India as a Global Super Power in next 10 years. Things that make me sad are corruption and attitude of our beaurocracy, judiciary system and above all the politicians who never appear to care about the citizens of India. And more sad to see that I am playing a role in this game by not making any change in the system.
I want India to have no discrimination policy instead of reservations. Though reservations have never hurted me much individually as I was never a top performer in academics and I am working in Private Sector but still its impartial to all worthy individuals who have to study a lot more than reserved category student to achieve the same aim.
The game should be open for all like its in US. They strictly have no discrimination policy in place instead of counting numbers and reserving seats.
In that way students can also live their life along with study. I see so much pressure for numbers in people, we dont need that many studious/dull people around. If every one is given a fair chance then atleast the laborious junta will get time to explore their creative/funny/cheerful side.
We have a capability as a nation to rise above everything in our lifetime. To realize that goal we have to give up our age old practices of casteism, dowry, corruption... and recognize ourselves as worthy individuals who have the potential to take the max out of ourselves and built a strong nation.
We need visionaries at high government positions who can deliver upto the requirements of our motherland.
Citing the example of China, there the infrastructure of cities was created 10 years before it was actually occupied. In Pune, they are creating buildings after the public has moved in.
We dont need places with a single Sirname, we need to recall of our glorious past and idolize it and much more as our target for future.

So much has already been written on it, just adding my 2 cents.

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