Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Divide & Play

I generally don’t write about my country’s politics. But this time I am making an exception. Yes, our country is going to dogs. Con is opposite to Pro and that’s what we have as a result, yeah an old joke but pressing hard.

Yesterday, our Home Minister talked about Hindu Terror Camps, today his friend and our External affairs minister echoed his thoughts.

I was thinking, why all of a sudden these ministers thought of sharing the TRUTH with my Indian brethren.

I am not questioning the veracity of these comments. Though I have attended Shakha few times in childhood and I am aware that RSS is a patriotic and nationalist organisation and I have multiple sources to believe that.

There could be few hardliners everywhere, latest example is Congress STILL taking/giving support of anti national MP in Hyderabad, even after he is sent to jail. However, its better to be anti-national these days. Saves you from your conscience and gives you f***n amount of money and security. Coming back to the point, why suddenly sharing of the truth? First reason, getting into the good books of Buddhu Baba. he has already made public (thanks to wikileaks) that he considers Hindu extremism bigger threat than terrorism. So supporting the theory of their party’s vice president and second in command would only help them in keeping their posts. I am not sure how Buddhu Baba actually think and consider or evaluate things around him, I have never seen him speaking without reading. Same with his mother. Debate is out of question, I mean their mind’s scope. Its really a medical wonder.

Second reason, elections. We very well know that Congress plays divisive politics. Its own formation was to create a division in Indian society, and it has never forgotten its core values.

Some people are intelligent, some are fools. Sadly, there are more fools then intelligents. By intelligents, I mean those people who have basic sense of differentiating right and wrong not for themselves but for their motherland. Even an insect can differentiate between wrong and right for itself. Our current leadership wants to create a panic in the minorites, by subconsciously telling only current leadership will be able to provide safety, security yada yada to them. Hope someone will listen and vote for them.

Third reason, give the press something else to speak to. After severe inefficiency of government is exposed to everyone by repeated crimes in states and borders ruled by our current ruling party and allies, they just want to showcase that the opposition is their partner in crime by a different angle Anyways there is no use thinking, our country has gone to dogs.


Manu Katyaayan said...

Glad to see you back here my friend. Our country has gone to the dogs and sadly even RSS is on a bad discourse. What can be done, is "the question".

Gaurav said...

Thank You buddy! yeah after 2011, 2012.
Dont have an answer.. its hard!

Gaurav said...

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Sushilkumar-Shinde-gives-in-regrets-Hindu-terror-remarks/articleshow/18595202.cms.. LOL! Now getting back to Hindu vote bank..