Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fast Bowlers & Rock Stars

Since my childhood, I am amazed by the quality of Pakistani rock bands music. You can easily compare it with the quality of Fast Bowlers produced by the neighboring country.
I mean, how can a unrest state produce not just one but many artists/bowlers and that too sequentially in all decades.
They were the harbinger of Sufi Rock and are still nurturing it. The best hindi/urdu rock band ever existed is still Junoon.
According to the history, we share the same genes. Then why democratic and business genes are primarily left within us and violent and rock music genes were separated with them.
With above line I am only considering the Rock Bands of two countries and not the play back singers and music directors (I'll take a dig at music directors sometime later), though we are pretty much aware of Classical artists dead and alive in both countries.

The answer lies within the Q, rock is all about expression and it can be as violent as death metal.
Fast Bowlers and Rock Bands both need high level of energy to sustain and perform and focus on just one thing. And piece of unrest appears to be a boon in disguise for booming a talent which just needs a cricket ball to play all day, or an artist with a guitar but no online lessons to come up with his own scale and pitch and style by rehearsing all the time. But the talent quotient is still unquestionable.

We as in people like me generally like to be jack of all trades :)

Would like to know everyone's view here?


Ankit Jain said...

hmm . Interesting ..

India does have lot of Rock Bands, we might not have too many hindi rock bands !

Gaurav said...

Yeah, we have few english/bengali rock bands who are in the scene for quite some time. But they are still looking for mainstream popularity in Indian Music as par with their counterparts in other country.
Exceptions: Euphoria, Indian Ocean, Parikrama.